What does your company sound like?
Sound and music speak directly to your emotions. Today there are many channels available to reach your customers and build your brand. We will help you find the right emotion / feeling for your brand and produce something sonically unique that will make you stand out and get people engaged.

We can help you with:

  • Develop a holistic approach for the company’s sound profile, according to the brand platform.
  • Writing a tailored song that will reflect your company’s core words.
  • Create an audio profile for your shop.
  • Adding sounds to different presentations of various kinds.
  • Creating a unified concept for background music for your shop, restaurant or the foyer/reception area.
  • Building an artist that will be your company’s face outwords.

Starlab Publishing is a music company with extensive expertise in all aspects of sound production (web, radio, film, advertising, audio logotypes and audio design for shops, and more). You will find producers, songwriters, designers, stylists, photographers and film makers in our large production studios and offices. Our client portfolio gives us the opportunity to create all types of music and audio. As a music company, we are also able to build new artists and release the music in different channels, such as for example, Spotify and iTunes. Our co-workers have a broad experience from advertising, movie, and TV-production, both in Sweden and internationally.